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United Family

United families, Peaceful families. This happens when everyone in the family is united around the same values. Mentoring our children with discipline, resolving conflict and building resilience in a manner that keeps them safe, healthy, successful & happy.



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Families Are Teams

Parenting as a team  and having our children cooperate is our goal. How do you overcome differing parenting styles though and create a unified family TEAM?

Discipline is Teaching

Punishment inflicts suffering for past behavior. Discipline teaches the desirable future behavior. How do you set boundaries that fit your family without sounding like a dictator?

Setting Consequences

Parents are the primary educator and authority of their children in the house. Learn to set and enforce both natural and logical consequences that make sense.

Companion Your Children

Children gain confidence and self-esteem when they feel accepted, encouraged, appreciated and are learning to make their own choices. Learn to companion vs. imposing our opinion.

The Art of Companioning

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Bully Prevention

Nothing can be more disturbing to a parent than to learn their child is getting bullied. Learn how to help your child deal with aggressive behavior from others in safe legal ways that will leave them confident, assertive adults.

Learn what to do if your child is getting bullied Warning Signs of Bullying

A Parents Call To Action

Bringing out the best in our children and ourselves begins with understanding the challenges of parenting, the roles we play and how to get everyone in the family united around the same mission. Email:


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